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Bank of Sierra Leone Privacy Statement

The Bank of Sierra Leone wishes to assure visitors to its Web site that information provided by them online is used appropriately and that it respects their privacy.

Information Collected

These are mostly contact details submitted voluntarily for mailing and analysis for better system administration, and to improve Web site offerings. Bank of Sierra Leone does not collect any personal information about visitors who access its Web site.

Bank of Sierra Leone only collects aggregate data from users while they are browsing its Web site. These aggregate data, such as the number of hits per page, are only used for internal consumption.

Publications mailing Lists and Job Applications

Information voluntarily submitted by visitors for job/contract applications and the publications' mailing lists are used responsibly and maintained with strict confidentiality. Such data are not disclosed to any third party.

Other Volunteered Information

Naturally, the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us directly by this means are available to us. Also, information volunteered by visitors in survey or registration forms may also be retained. Kindly note that this information will be used for internal purposes only.


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