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Welcome to the Bank of Sierra Leone

Auction Announcements for this Week

Auction Announcements for the Year


Financial Services as a Catalyst of Economic Growth Presentation by Dr. Samura M. W. Kamara, Governor.

Official Opening of the Pro Credit Bank SL Limited on Friday 1st February, 2008 Speech by Alhaji M. S. Fofana, Deputy Governor.

Scholarship Award Ceremony of the Bank of Sierra Leone Charity Trust Fund held on Friday 25th Januray, 2008 at the Bank of Sierrra Leone Auditorium . Address by Alhaji M. S. Fofana, Deputy Governor.

National Seminar on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) held on 12th -13th December, 2007. Opening Remarks by the Chairman Alhaji M. S. Fofana, Deputy Governor.

Keynote Address by the Deputy Governor on the Sub-Regional Course on Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management for Post Conflict Countries Organised by WAIFEM 16th October, 2007

Statement delivered by the Deputy Governor Alhaji Mohamed Fofana on the Official Opening of the First International Bank (SL) Ltd. Before & After Results Lumley Branch on Friday 3rd November, 2006

Sensitization Seminar on the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2005 held at the Bank's Recreational Complex onTuesday March 20, 2007

Public Notice from the Bank of Sierra Leone

New Le 10,000 note

New Le 500 Coin

Dollar Weekly Exchange Rates for the period
17/04/2008 -23/04/2008

Buying / Selling
Bank of Siera Leone
[$1] Le2937.57/Le2996.91

Pound and WAUA Exchange Rates for 17/04/2008

Buying / Selling
Bank of Siera Leone

[£1] Le5803.46/ Le5922.19
Ecowas (WAUA) 4870.74
West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) Rates for 17/04/2008


Auction Results
Treasury Bearer Bonds
Treasury Bills
Foreign Exchange


Sierra Leone's Capital Market Operations
Information on Sierra Leone's Capital Market


Bank of Sierra Leone and the Community
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Bank of Sierra Leone Newsletter
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Bank of Sierra Leone
Siaka Stevens Street
Sierra Leone
Tel: +232 22 226501
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