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Financial Services Acts
The Banking Act 2000
Part I Section 1-Part II Section 8(I)
Part II Section 8(2)-Part II Section 14(1(a))
Part II Section 14(1(b))-Part II Section 16(4(b))
Part II Section 16(5)-Part II Section 18(7)
Part II Section 18(7)-Part III Section 24(4)
Part III Section 26(2)-Part III Section 27(6)
Part III Section 27(7)-Part III Section 30(8)
Part III Section 31-Part IV Section 34(4)
Part IV Section 34(5)-Part IV Section 36(2)
Part IV Section 36(3)-Part V Section 41(3(a))
Part V Section 41(3(b))-Part V Section 45(1(d))
Part V Section 45(2)-Part V Section 54
Part V Section 55(1)-End
The Banking Regulations, 2003
The Bank of Sierra Leone Act 2000
Part I-Part III Section (3)
Part III Section 10(4)-Part IV Section 14(1)
Part IV Section 14(2)-Part V Section 24
Part V Section 25-Part VI Section 35
Part VII Section 36(1-3)
Part VII Section 36(4) - Part VIII Section 42(4)
Part VIII Section 42(5) - Part X Section 53(2)
Part X Section 52(3)-Part XI Section 65
Part XI section 66-End
Other Financial Services Act 2001
The Anti-Money Laundering Act 2005
Commercial Banks Licence Application Requirements


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