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Bank Coins Designs

Bank of Sierra Leone notes are printed in various colours with different designs on both the front and the back. Although the bank experimented with colour, new designs and printing techniques, its notes remain essentially the same throughout and have similar dimensions.

Sierra Leonean figures have been depicted on the front of notes of all series. The character chosen has to have made an indisputable contribution to the Sierra Leonean history. The various designs are illustrated below:

Le 10 Front Front:
The Portrait of Mammy Yoko (1849 - 1906). Paramount Chief woman of culture and ambition
Le 10 Back BACK:
Two fishes, depicting the rich fishing resource of Sierra Leone
Shape:  Round or circular
Metallic composition:  Nickel Bonded steel
Le 50 Front Front:
The Portrait of Sir Henry Lightfoot Boston (1899 - 1969). First Sierra Leonean Governor General
Le 50 Back BACK:
The Bank of Sierra Leone Building
Shape:  Hexagon or 8 sided
Metallic composition:  Nickel Bonded steel
Le 100 Front Front:
The Portrait of King Naimbana (1710 - 1793). Ruler of the Koya Kingdom, who signed the treaty for the establishment of the British colony on the Sierra Leone Peninsular.
Le 100 Back BACK:
Cocoa production in Sierra Leone.
Shape:  Round or circular
Metallic composition:  Nickel Bonded steel
The Portrait of the former kissi king Kai Londo
The State House
Shape: 10 sided
Metallic composition:  Nickel-plated steel and 4% Nickel-brass
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