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Bank Notes Details

Sierra Leonean historical figures have been depicted on the front of most notes The character chosen are either Heads of States or citizens that have contributed to Sierra Leonean history.

The final choice of who appears is made by the Board of directors of the Bank of Sierra Leone in concurrence with the Ministry of Finance.

The former Head of the Armed Forces of Sierra Leone and Head of State the Republic of Sierra Leone (1985 - 1992)
KailondoLE500 - KAILONDO
Born in 1845 and died in 1896. Kai Londo was a brilliant Kissi King who conquered a large territory and ruled with wisdom. He built new roads and fortified towns and established a new capital Kailahun or Kai's town.
Bai BurehLE1000 - BAI BUREH
Born in 1840, Bai Bureh was the great chief and military strategist who led the Temne uprising against the British in 1898. He was exiled to the Gold Coast (now Ghana) but was later brought back in 1905 and re-instated as chief or Kasseh. He died in 1908.
Wallace JohnsonLE2000 - I T A WALLACE-JOHNSON
Born in 1894 and died in 1965, I T A Wallace-Johnson led the first Mass Movement of Sierra Leoneans from all works of life. He worked untiringly for Unity and the rights of the common man.
Sengbe PiehLE5000 - Sengbe Pieh
He was born in 1813 and died in 1879. Sengbe Pieh was a mende farmer whose extraordinary courage in resisting slavery earned him a lasting place in the histories of Sierra Leone and the United States of America. He was known for his role in the Amistrad revolt, based on this revolt on board a ship called the Amistad off the Coast of America.

Withdrawal of G17 Series of the Le5000 Denomination Kai - Londo Notes
In a news release on 14th August 2000 and in subsequent advertisements in the national press, the Bank announced that it was withdrawing from circulation the Le5,000 denomination notes of the G17 series as a result of the proliferation of counterfeit notes in this series. This move was geared towards forestalling further printing and circulation of these notes. The notes are no longer legal tender but they can be exchanged at any commercial bank or at the Central Bank for their full face value.

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