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Bank Notes Designs

Bank of Sierra Leone notes are printed in various colours with different designs on both the front and the back. Although the bank experimented with colour, new designs and printing techniques, its notes remain essentially the same throughout and have similar dimensions.

Sierra Leonean figures have been depicted on the front of notes of all series. The character chosen has to have made an indisputable contribution to the Sierra Leonean history. The various designs are illustrated below:

Le50 - (Fifty leones)
50 momoh front Front:
Ex president Major General Dr. J. S. Momoh and at the background the National Stadium
50 Momoh back BACK:
Traditional dancers and some Sierra Leonean Musical instruments
Main Colours:  Mauve and green
Le100 - (One Hundred leones)
Ex president Major General Dr. J. S. Momoh and a vessel at Port on the background
Bank of Sierra Leone Building
Main Colours:  Blue and Green
Le500 - (Five Hundred leones)
Kai Londo with State House At the background
Fishing fleet in Freetown Harbour
Main Colours:  Brown and Green
Le1000 (One Thousand leones)
Bai Bureh
A Telecommunications dish
Main Colours:  Red and yellow
Le2000 (Two Thousand leones)
I.T.A. Wallace Johnson
The Bank of Sierra Leone Building
Main Colours:  Blue and Orange
Le5000 (Five Thousand leones)
Sengbe Pieh
The Bumbuna Dam
Main Colours:  Blue and Purple
Le10000 (Ten Thousand leones)
Dove flying over the map of Sierra Leone and the national flag
The Nation's cotton tree
Main Colours:  Blue and Green







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